Ida Maria Henriksen Borgen

PhD candidate

Funding and collaboration

Ph.D-project: Traumatic brain injury in the chronic phase: Needs and treatment options - a randomized controlled community-based intervention. A randomized controlled study evaluating the effectiveness of a goal-oriented and home-based intervention in the chronic phase of traumatic injury. The project includes people with injuries, their families, specialized health care services and municipal health care professionals. The project is done in collaboration with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Oslo University Hospital, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and the user organization for persons with traumatic brain injuries (Personskadeforbundet).

Financed by the Research Council of Norway.

Academic interests

Acquired brain injury


Clinical Psychologist (Cand.Psychol.) from the University of Bergen, Norway.

Research team

Rehabilitation after trauma



Borgen, I. M. H., Løvstad, M., Andelic, N., Hauger, S., Sigurdardottir, S., Søberg, H. L., ... & Winter, L. (2020). Traumatic brain injury—needs and treatment options in the chronic phase: Study protocol for a randomized controlled community-based intervention. Trials21, 1-14.

Borgen, I. M. H., Løvstad, M., Røe, C., Forslund, M. V., Hauger, S. L., Sigurdardottir, S., ... & Kleffelgård, I. (2020). Needs and treatment options in chronic traumatic brain injury: a feasibility trial of a community-based intervention. Cogent Medicine7(1), 1731222.




  • Andelic, Nada; Røe, Cecilie; Brunborg, Cathrine; Zeldovich, Marina; Løvstad, Marianne; Løke, Daniel; Borgen, Ida Maria Henriksen; Voormolen, Daphne; Howe, Emilie; DAHL, HILDE MARGRETE; von Steinbuechel, Nicole; Helseth, Eirik; Røise, Olav; Frisvold, Shirin; Anke, Audny; Skandsen, Toril & Vik, Anne (2020). Frequency of fatigue and its changes in the first 6 months after traumatic brain injury: results from the CENTER-TBI study. Journal of Neurology.  ISSN 0340-5354. . doi: 10.1007/s00415-020-10022-2

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