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Academic interests

My research builds in the field of human neurophysiology and cognitive neuroscience:

  • brain executive functions: how we plan, perform and monitor complex cognitive tasks

  • externally and internally directed attention: how voluntary attention (visuo-spatial, semantic, motor) and self-focused attention (mind-wondering and self-centered thoughts) interact

  • role of neuromodulatory systems on cognition

  • brain functional and dynamic connectivity

I am interested in studying these brain processes in health and pathology by means of brain imaging techniques (fMRI, EEG).

I am part of the Cognitive NeuroGenetics group led by Thomas Espeseth. We employ different psycho-physical tasks to study the associated behavior, the physiological responses and the neural basis.


Ph.D. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Project title: “Study of neuronal networks related to spontaneous brain processes, attention and motor planning in healthy subjects and neurological patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging.” Workplace: FLENI Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thesis director: Ramón Leiguarda.

fMRI and EEG data analysis collaboration with the Behavioral Neurology Research Unit, Department of Neurosciences and Rehabilitation, Tampere University Hospital.

Tags: Cognitive neuroscience


  • Mäki-Marttunen, Verónica & Espeseth, Thomas (2021). Uncovering the locus coeruleus: Comparison of localization methods for functional analysis. NeuroImage.  ISSN 1053-8119.  224:117409, s 1- 15 . doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2020.117409
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