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Visiting address NEMKO-bygget Gaustadalléen 30 0373 Oslo

Academic Interests

The book Critical Feeling (2016; Cambridge University Press) is the culmination on my research on feelings. Theoretical and empirical work examined fluency theories of aesthetic pleasure and Aha-experiences.

An article on the psycho-historical framework for research on art appreciation(together with Nicolas Bullot) has been published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (2013).

Currently, a project funded from the Norwegian Research Council tests out interventions to increase interest in mathematics at school.


PSY1000 / PSYC1200 -- Innføring i generell psykologi

PSY4301 -- Judgment and Decision Making and Social Cognition 

Skriveseminar for Masterstudenter i Helse-, Sosial- og Personlighetspsykologi

Higher education and employment history

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Oslo, 2013 →

Adjunct Professor, Department of Education, University of Bergen, 2013 →

Visiting Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2009-2010

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Bergen, 2004-2013

Associate Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Bergen, 2003-2004

Guest lecturer, ETH Zürich, 2000-2002

Assistant research professor, University of Bern, 2000-2003

Researcher, University of Bern, 1998-2000

Postdoctoral fellow, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, 1996-1997

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1994-1996

PhD (Dr. phil. hist.), University of Bern, 1994


Teaching award "Das goldene Psi", awarded by the psychology students of the University of Mannheim for the best and most innovative course within the academic year 2010/ 2011 (Erasmus teacher exchange program)


Nicolas Bullot, Macquarie University; Weiqin Chen, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences; Bo Christensen, Copenhagen Business School; Per Olav Folgerø, University of Bergen; Teresa Garcia-Marques, ISPA Lisbon; Rainer Greifeneder, University of Basel; Judith Harackiewicz, University of Wisconsin; Lasse Hodne, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Tore Kristensen, Copenhagen Business School; Beat Meier, University of Bern; Ara Norenzayan, University of British Columbia; Daphna Oyserman, University of Michigan; Pierre Perruchet, Université de Bourgogne; Norbert Schwarz, University of Michigan; Edward Slingerland, University of British Columbia; Karsten Specht, University of Bergen; Michael Stausberg, University of Bergen; Sascha Topolinski, University of Cologne; Christian Unkelbach, University of Cologne; Piotr Winkielman, University of California at San Diego.

Tags: Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology
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