Reidar Ommundsen

Professor Emeritus
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Academic interests

In collaboration with colleagues in other countries we have developed measures with cross-cultural utility to gauge attitudes toward so-called “illegal” immigrants. We have also conducted experimental simulations to see if these attitudes could be changed. Lately the focus has been directed towards measuring xenophobic attitudes toward foreigners in general in several countries. In addition, we try to identify what attitudes may predict the wish to emigrate in “sending countries”. Social integration is another theme, and together with a doctoral student we explore normative attitudes of members of the majority population concerning making adjustments with the aim of facilitating the integration of ethnic minorities. The goal of this research is to identify what factors may contribute to the development of more supporting attitudes.

Higher education and employment history.

  • Cand. Psychol. degree from the University of Oslo (UiO), 1970.

  • Assistant professor for five years at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen. Since then I have held positions as administrative officer

  • Associate professor

  • Professor at the Department of Psychology, UiO.

  • During my student days my academic interests gravitated towards social psychology, theoretically as well as applied – and this is also the case today.

  • The first years after graduation I was primarily interested in how social psychological theory and research could be applied in the preventive health filed.

  • The last few years my interests have focused more on topics within “traditional” social psychology., in particular measurement and change of attitudes related to migration and integration.


I collaborate with researchers in: The Netherlands (K. Van der Veer), Germany (J. Schneider), USA (K. Larsen; O.Yakushko), Bulgaria (K. Krumov), New Zealand (R. Pernice) and Vietnam (H. van Lee)

Tags: Social Psychology, Emeritus
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