Olav Mandt Vassend

Academic Interests

  • My research interests are mainly in personality psychology, health psychology, and behavioral genetics. A major theme of my work centers on personality trait structure and the relationships between personality traits and subjective health complaints. This work largely uses methods derived from survey studies and structural equation modeling to investigate hypothesized models of the personality-health relationship. More recently I have extended this research to explore the role of genetic and environmental factors, using twin samples. A second theme in my research concerns psychobiological aspects of experimental and clinical pain, including behavioral genetics studies of common pain-related complaints as well as more infrequent chronic pain conditions

Other interests:

  • Psychometrics and applied statistics
  • Clinical communication
  • Philosophy of psychology, philosophy of science


  • Introduction to personality psychology, PSYC1204/PSY1101.
  • Ethics in psychology, clinical communication, PSYC1202.
  • Personality assessment, psychometrics and research methods in personality psychology, PSYC4500

Higher education and employment history

  • Educated at the University of Oslo (Cand. Psychol., Cand. Scient.), doctoral degree (Dr. Philos.) in psychology in 1988.
  • Research assistant and research fellow at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo 1981-1987.
  • Professor of Behavioral Science at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo 1988-2005.
  • Professor of Personality Psychology at the Department of Psychology 2005-.


  • Department of Mental Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
  • The National Institute of Occupational Health.
Tags: Personality psychology, Health psychology, Behavioral Genetics
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