Maria Stylianou Korsnes

Adjunct Professor - Kognitiv- og nevropsykologi
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Visiting address Oslo universitetssykehus Alderspsykiatrisk døgnenhet Slottsberget 35 1385 Asker
Other affiliations Department of Psychology

Academic Interests

I am particularly interested in neuroscience and brain research with a focus on clinical application, and how illness or brain injury affects cognitive functions, thoughts and emotions in humans.

At the Department of Age Psychiatry my current focus is in the age-related mental illnesses, and how we can distinguish between aging and neurological and psychiatric disorders, as in dementia, depression, anxiety and cognitive impairment focusing on neuropsychological testing and imaging using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

fMRI is exciting and great progress has been made in recent years. It is now possible to understand how cognitive processes interact, and thus also relate differences in brain activation to cognitive processes. Completely clear connections are usually not found, but by putting together several pieces of the puzzle fMRI has the potential of becoming an integral part of the diagnostics Methods.


Higher education and employment history

Research leader at Oslo University Hospital, Department of Old Psychiatry and Professor of psychology at the University of Oslo, Psychology department specialist in clinical neuropsychology with broad experience in different populations and age groups.

Ph.D- University of Oslo in 1996, and has had two postdoctoral periods at the Department of Psychology.

Earlier employments include research positions at Stanford University respectively in John Gabrieli and Marc Feldmann labs.


  • ​Editor Norwegian Neuropsychological Society 2006-2013

  • Board Member at the Research Committee; Clinic Mental Health and Addiction, Oslo University Hospital

  • Board Member at the Clinical Education Committee for psychologists , Oslo University Hospital


  • Stanford University, USA

  • Technion Institute of Technology, Israel

  • Viken Age Psychiatric Research Network, Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

Tags: Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology
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