Merete Glenne Øie

Professor - Klinisk psykologi
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Phone +47 22845184
Mobile phone +4740889007
Room S02-07
Available hours By agreement
Visiting address Psykologisk institutt / Department of Psychology Universitetet i Oslo Pb 1094 Blindern
Other affiliations Department of Psychology

Academic Interests

  • Development of mental health problems

  • Cognitive deficits in children and adults with mental disorders (ADHD, psychosis, PTSD, depression) and substance abuse/dual diagnosis

  • Understanding the mechanisms underlying  the ability to regulate thoughts and emotions

  • Implications of cognitive impairments for everyday functions and cognitive rehabilitaion


  • PSYC 2205 Psykopatologi
  • PSYC 4300 Utredning av psykiske forstyrrelser hos voksne
  • PSYC 4301 Psykologisk behandling og behandlingsforskning
  • PSYC 4305 Klinisk nevropsykologi
  • PSYC 3200 Utviklingspsykologi
  • PSYC 4400 Forpraksis voksne - frivillig internveiledning
  • PSYC 5304 Tilstandsbilder, utredning og behandling av barn og unge
  • PSYC 6513 Klinisk nevropsykologi - undersøkelse og intervensjon
  • PSYC 6516 Psykoseforståelse og evidensbasert behandling
  • PSYC 1202 Profesjonsforberedende 1
  • PSYC 1302 Profesjonsforberedende 2

Higher education and employment history

  • Cand Psychol  UiO 1992, dr psychol  UiO 1999

  • Specialist in Clinical neuropsychology  2002

  • Clinical neuropsychologist in mental health for children and adolescence 2000-2004

  • Post doc from 2004-08

  • Senior researcher at Innlandet Hospital Trust 2008 ⇒2015

  • Research Adviser 30% at Innlandet Hospital Trust 2011⇒2015

  • Associate Professor  II  PSI UiO  2011 ⇒2012

  • Professor II in Neuropsychology PSI UiO  2012 ⇒2015

  • Private practice fra 2002 ⇒2015

  • Associate Professor in  Clinical Psychology UiO PI 2015⇒ March 2016

  • Research Adviser Innlandet Hospital Trust 20% 2015⇒

  • Professor in Clinical Psychology April 2016⇒

  • Extensive teaching at colleges, universities  and health institutions from 2000

Supervision of PhD-candidates


  • Main supervisor for Unni Bratlien who had her doctoral dissertation in 2013 with the thesis : ”Premorbid conditions and early development of severe mental illness”
  • Main supervisor for  Erik Winther Skogli who had his doctoral dissertation  in 2014 with the thesis “Emotional and cognitive development in children and adolescents with ADHD”.
  • Main supervisor for   Per Normann Andersen who had hir doctoral dissertation  in 2015 with the thesis:”Emotional and cognitive development in children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome .“
  • Main supervisor for   Kjell Tore Hovik who had his doctoral dissertation in 2016 with the thesis:”Specific cognitive and emotional  impairments in children with Tourette Syndrome”.
  • Co-supervisor Laura Wortinger had her doctoral dissertation in 2017 with the thesis “Brain fMRI in adolescent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."


  • Main supervisor for Ulrika Håkansson on the project: “Keeping Mind in Mind: Mentalizing and Executive Functioning in Substance-Abusing Infant Mothers: Effect on Dyadic Relationship and Infant Outcome”
  • Main supervisor for Ingvild Haugen on the project: “Cognitive remediation of executive dysfunction – Goal Management Training for patients with schizophrenia or high risk for schizophrenia”
  • Co-supervisor for Anette Farmen on the project:“Effect of epilepsy and anti-epileptic drugs in pregnancy: cognition, neurodevelopmental symptoms and obstetric outcome in offspring – a prospective cohort study.” 
  • Co-supervisor for Ingrid Svendsen on the project: “Anomalous Self-Experience in First Episode Psychosis – A Six-Year Follow-Up Study.”
  • Co-supervisor for Tonje Torske on the project:“Social and executive difficulties in children with development disorders- clinical implications” Part of the BUPgen study.”
  • Co-supervisor for Maria Pedersen on the project: “Chronic Fatigue following acute Epstein-Barr Virus Infection in Adolescents.”
  • Co-supervisor for Sissel Gravåkmo on the project: “Importance of intelligence and executive function for social developmental in children mental retardation with and without comorbid autism spectrum disorder.”
  • Co-supervisor for Thea Steen Skogheim on the project: “The effects of maternal toxicants on neurodevelopmental outcomes in the child.”
  • Co-supervisor for Ingrid Nesdal Fossum on the project: "The Lillehammer Neurodevelopmental Follow-up study (LINEUP): 10-year follow-up of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders."

Project leader for major projects


  • “Cognitive deficits in adolescents with schizophrenia or ADHD: a 13 year follow-up study”. (completed 2008)
  •  ”Premorbid conditions and early development of severe mental illness.”(completed 2013)
  • “Emotional and cognitive development in children and adolescents with ADHD”.(completed 2014)
  • “Emotional and cognitive development in children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome.”(completed 2015)
  • ”Specific cognitive and emotional  impairments in children with Tourette Syndrome.”(completed 2016)


  • “Clinical, neurocognitive and functional outcome in Early Onset Schizophrenia and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A 20-Year Follow up Study”. (2015-2029)
  • “Cognitive rehabilitation of executive dysfunction – Goal Management Training in patients with schizophrenia or high risk for schizophrenia.” (2017-2021)


  • Awarded «Researcher of the month» in February 2010 from South-Eastern Regional Health Authority
  • Received the award for Best Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, 2019
  • Elected member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 2019


  • Member of reference group of «Regional expert group on autism, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrom and Narcolepsy South-Eastern Regional Health Authority»

  • Member of executive board of National  and Regional (South-East Regional Health Authority) group for medical and health research in severe mental disorders, and University of Oslo

Tags: Clinical psychology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive psychology, Developmental psychology
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