Margrethe Seeger Halvorsen

Associate Professor - Department of Psychology
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Phone +47 22845205
Room S02-17
Available hours By agreement
Other affiliations Klinisk psykologi

Academic Interests

  • I am interested in psychotherapy research and how to make this research useful for clinical practice

  • My primary interest is in the relationship between process and outcome in psychotherapy

  • I am part of the research project “An intensive process-outcome study of the interpersonal aspects of psychotherapy” at the Department of Psychology, UiO. This is a naturalistic psychotherapy research project of highly experienced therapists and their clients

  • My current project is a qualitative study of” the best of best-practices”. It involves a strategically selected sample of high-change therapies, and the aim is to explore how experienced therapists work to establish and maintain a good therapeutic alliance (with focus on the emotional bond), and how they motivate and prepare clients for treatment and change.

Higher education and employment history

  • My academic training includes social anthropology, history of religion, developing studies and psychology.

  • I have my professional degree in psychology from the University of Tromsø (2001)

  • Dr. Psychol. (PhD in clinical psychology) from the University of Oslo (2006)

  • Thesis title: Self-image and Psychotherapy: Measurement, Predictor and Outcome issues. Currently I work half time as postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Psychology (UiO)

  • Half time as clinical psychologist at Vinderen DPS (outpatient clinic)


  • Årets doktorgrad 2007. [Doctoral dissertation of the year, 2007]. The Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF)


Margrethe collaborates with Professor Helge Rønnestad who is the principal investigator of the research project, the two Ph.D. candidates Marit Råbu and Hanne Weie Oddli, as well as the rest of the research team of the project (Hanne Haavind, Siri Gullestad, Eva Axelsen, Bjørg Røed Hansen, Kirsten Benum, Nora Sveaass, Sissel Reichelt, Anne von der Lippe and Odd Arne Tjersland). Other collaborators in the project are Professor David Orlinsky (University of Chicago), Professor Robert Elliott (University of Strathclyde) and Professor Bruce Wampold (University of Wisconsin).

Tags: Clinical psychology
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