Henrik Natvig

Academic Interests

I have focused on surveys of and primary prevention of adolescents’ alcohol and drug abuse with a focus on social psychological mediating factors (attitudes, social influence via injunctive and descriptive norms, self-efficacy expectations, coping, alcohol- and other outcome expectancies, intentions etc.). I am also interested in other health related behaviors (psysical activity, HIV/AIDS prevention etc.) as long as it is related to primary prevention, adolescents and possible mediating (and moderating) mechanisms. I am interested in evaluation of normal-population campaigns targeting health related behaviors (spec. alcohol and drugs) and the development of such campaigns. At the time being I work with analyzes of adolescents’ alcohol use from age 13 till 30 in a longitudinal two-generation survey, with focus on possible mediators/moderators (VITT-data, HEMIL, Univ. of Bergen) . Further I am involved with a longitudinal survey to evaluate “Unge & Rus” in all Oslo-schools together with RBUP, Univ. of Tromsø.


Higher education and employment history

  • Cand. Psychol. from Univ. of Bergen 1987
  • After graduating I worked one year clinically mainly with adults’ alcohol and drug problems
  • Ph.D. at HEMIL, Univ. of Bergen in 1995 and the theses was about adolescents’ socialization to alcoholuse, focusing on alcohol expectancies.
  • I had one year in Minnesota at School of Public Health during my Ph.D. period.
  • I also spent one year at UNGforsk in 1992 with research on youth and health related behaviors.
  • At SIRUS I evaluated a 20 million kroner’s national campaig against illegal spirits (1992-1995) via longitudinal surveys.
  • In 1996 I worked at SINTEF Unimed with many short term health related research projects
  • started at Psychological Inst. Univ. of Oslo in 1997 where I still am. I have all the time been working with Social Psychology


  • 20 % position at RBUP univ. of Tromsø - evaluation of Unge & Rus
  • HEMIL center, Univ. of Bergen, VITT - follow up on a longitudinal survey about adolescence and alcohol which started in 1990
  • SINTEF Unimed, Oslo, primary prevention of drug use in Malawi
Tags: Social Psychology
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