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Academic interests

I am a PostDoc researcher at the Research Group for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition (LCBC), headed by Prof. Anders M. Fjell and Prof. Kristine B. Walhovd. 

I graduated in Psychology and obtained my PhD in Neuroscience in 2014 in the University of Barcelona where I tried to characterize and modulate large-scale memory networks with a special focus on cognitive aging. There, I tried to take advantage of several methodological approaches during this period such as structural (MR morphometry, diffusor tensor imaging) and functional (task-related fMRI, resting-state fMRI) brain imaging measures, MR spectroscopy, non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS, tDCS) and neuropsychological tests.

I joined UiO in January 2015. Here my focus will continue centred in memory-networks and aging with a high involvement of task-related functional brain measures.


2015-Present: Postdoctoral research fellow, Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition group, Univ. of Oslo, Dept. of Psychology

2011-2014: PhD in Neurosciences. Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology. University of Barcelona. Spain.

2009-2010: M.Sc in Neurosciences. University of Barcelona. Spain.

2005-2009: Degree in Psychology. University Autonomous of Barcelona. Spain.

Tags: Cognitive neuroscience


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