Catherine Harmer

Professor II
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Phone +44 (0)1865 223961
Postal address Oxford Department of Psychiatry Warneford Hospital OX3 7JX

Academic Interests

My research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms of treatments for depression and anxiety disorders. 

To explore these questions we use a variety of techniques such as fMRI, MEG, TMS, psychopharmacological challenge techniques and neuropsychological assessments in healthy volunteers and patients with depression.

This work has led to the novel idea that antidepressants may work by rapidly resolving negative affective bias in depression which leads to gradual improvements in mood, social dysfunction and other key symptoms of depression over time. 

This concept has stimulated new research approaches for the treatment of depression with implications for stratification of treatment, early prediction of therapeutic response and identification of novel therapeutic targets.

Employment history

  • Professor of cognitive neuroscience at University of Oxford

  • Adjunct Professor at the Department of Psychology, UiO

Tags: Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience
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