Alina Marie Sartorius

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Psychology

Academic interests

  • Oxytocin

  • Mental disorders

  • Epi-/Behavioral Genetics

  • Neuroimaging

  • Open science

PhD project

PhD research fellow in the project “Deciphering the role of the oxytocin system in mental traits and physical health” (funding: The Research Council of Norway). Investigating the oxytocin signaling system concerning psychiatric illnesses characterized by social dysfunction and  somatic conditions integrating genetic, phylogenetic, multimodal imaging, and clinical behavioral data.


  • M Sc in Psychology (Major in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland (2020)

  • B Sc in Psychology, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland (2017)

Tags: Cognitive neuroscience, Psychiatry
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