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Picture of Marieke A. Helmich Helmich, Marieke A. Postdoctoral research fellow Psychopathology, psychotherapy, dynamical systems, ecological momentary assessment (EMA), intensive longitudinal data, time series, data analysis, Complex Systems, Affect, idiographic research, symptom change
Picture of Tore Helstrup Helstrup, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22845141 Emeritus
Picture of Tone Kristine Hermansen Hermansen, Tone Kristine Postdoctoral Fellow Developmental psychology, Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Thomas Hoff Hoff, Thomas Professor +47 22845228 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Live Skow Hofgaard Hofgaard, Live Skow Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Madelene Christin Holm Holm, Madelene Christin Doctoral Research Fellow Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Marianne Therese Smogeli Holter Holter, Marianne Therese Smogeli Postdoctoral Fellow +47 92405051 Qualitative Methods, Cultural and Community Psychology
Picture of Rene Jürgen Huster Huster, Rene Jürgen Professor +47 22845162 Cognitive psychology, Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Einar August Høgestøl Høgestøl, Einar August Associate Professor +47-41108981 Cognitive neuroscience, genetics
Picture of Hanne Haavind Haavind, Hanne Professor emeritus +47-91616510 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Anna Ivanova Ivanova, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow Health psychology, Preventive psychology, Social Psychology
Picture of Tine Jensen Jensen, Tine Professor +47 22845222 Clinical psychology
Picture of Reidar Schei Jessen Jessen, Reidar Schei Postdoctoral Fellow Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Qualitative Methods
Picture of Heidi Johansen-Berg Johansen-Berg, Heidi Professor II +44 (0)1865 222548 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience
Picture of Unni Johns Johns, Unni Clinical psychology
Picture of Sverre Urnes Johnson Johnson, Sverre Urnes Associate Professor +47 22845295 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Nina M. Junker Junker, Nina M. Associate Professor Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Valerie Karl Karl, Valerie Doctoral Research Fellow Emotions, emotion development, adolescence, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging
Kartushina, Natalia Associate Professor +47 22845021 Developmental psychology, Neuropsychology, language
Picture of Maria Stylianou Korsnes Korsnes, Maria Stylianou Adjunct Professor Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Michal Kozák Kozák, Michal Postdoctoral Fellow Sociology, Statistics, Methods
Picture of Lilian Juliane Kozlowski Mayerhofer Kozlowski Mayerhofer, Lilian Juliane Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94081966 Wellbeing, Resilience, genetics
Picture of Pål Kraft Kraft, Pål Professor +47 22845183 +47 41649258 Social Psychology
Picture of Jonas R. Kunst Kunst, Jonas R. Professor +47 22845069 Social Psychology, Cultural and Community Psychology
Picture of Ingela Lundin Kvalem Kvalem, Ingela Lundin Professor +47 22845179 Health psychology, Social Psychology