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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kristine Beate Walhovd Walhovd, Kristine Beate Professor +47-22845130 Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Rene Westerhausen Westerhausen, Rene Professor +47-22845230 Cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Lars Tjelta Westlye Westlye, Lars Tjelta Associate Professor Cognitive neuroscience, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neuropsychology
Picture of Astri Heen Wold Wold, Astri Heen Emeritus +47-22845166 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Sigrid Fremmerlid Wold Wold, Sigrid Fremmerlid Executive officer +47 22 84 50 00 / +47 22 84 44 04 Exam, examination
Picture of Trine Rygvold Waage Waage, Trine Rygvold Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845056 Cognitive neuroscience, Clinical neuropsychology
Picture of Trine Waaktaar Waaktaar, Trine Professor +47-22845041 48179468 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Anders Zachrisson Zachrisson, Anders Emeritus +47-22845218 Emeritus, Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Janis Heinrich Zickfeld Zickfeld, Janis Heinrich Doctoral Research Fellow +47-455 64 234 Social Psychology
Picture of Merete Glenne Øie Øie, Merete Glenne Professor +47-40889007 Clinical psychology and personality psychology, Neuropsychology
Picture of Guro Øiestad Øiestad, Guro Senior Lecturer +47-22845275 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Ylva Østby Østby, Ylva Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845246 Cognitive neuroscience, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Knut Øverbye Øverbye, Knut Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859022 Cognitive psychology, Cognitive neuroscience