Global minds unified at PSI

The new master programme Global-MINDS is launching. Ten international students have arrived to take part in the first-ever term at PSI.

Ten students are attending the first term in the new master programme Global MINDS. F.l. back: Tornike Bakakuri, Gashaw Alemu, Vanessa Laber, Sarmad Ali, Slobodan Golusin. F.l. front: Manadhillah, Maria Leonor Aguilar, Mario Amigot, Francesca Osima, Stefanie Richters. Photo: Svein Harald Milde

These days ten students part of a new MA programme; The European Master in the Psychology of global mobility, inclusion, and diversity in society, or Global-MINDS for short, arrive in Oslo.

Joint Venture

The Master is funded by the European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees programme. Such programmes distribute students and teaching across several European universities. For the Global-MINDS program, five different universities joined efforts: UiO, University of Limerick, SWPS in Warsaw, Koç University in Istanbul, and the coordinating institution Lisbon University Institute in Lisboa.

This international character of the programme is further increased by the origin of many students: Most of them come from outside of Europe, all five continents are represented. Many of them receive stipends while they study.

Job opportunities

The idea of the MA is to combine this lived experience of intercultural diversity with teaching about the social and cultural psychology as it relates to global mobility, inclusion, and diversity. The students take part in courses offered at PSI as part of the HUS Master, and can also elect courses from other departments of the Faculty og Social Sciences.

The students of the program hope to apply their knowledge in jobs in international NGOs, companies that have a multicultural workforce, or public institutions that deal with managing inclusion and immigration programmes.

The ten students coming to Oslo now have been in Lisboa or Warsaw before. Nineteen further fellow students are currently moving to Limerick or Istanbul. After the Spring semester, they will join a summer school and then select one of the five universities to work on their thesis.

Link to the programme

Global-MINDS (master's two years)


By Thomas Schubert
Published Jan. 26, 2018 3:13 PM - Last modified Jan. 26, 2018 3:13 PM