Ingjerd Hoëm - Curriculum vitae

Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo


Dr. Art. University of Oslo, 1996. (Supervisors Prof. Axel Sommerfelt, Social anthropology and Prof. Even Hovdhaugen, linguistics)

Magistergrad in Social Anthropology (Norwegian Magister Artium Degree), University of Oslo, 1990. (Supervisors Prof. Axel Sommerfelt and Prof. Even Hovdhaugen)

Required “support subjects” (grunnfag) different from main subject: History of Religions (Oslo 1981) and Linguistics (Oslo 1985).

Additional examinations: Intermediate level (mellomfag) History of Religions, Buddhist studies (Oslo 1982). Preliminary examinations in Philosophy (Examen Philosophicum, Oslo 1979).


  • Board leader, TIK, SV faculty.UiO from 2015.
  • Head of department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, from 2011.
  • Scientific leader of Subtheme 1 (Migration, language and identity) of Kultrans, UiO, from 2009 (20% position).
  • Co-editor Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift, from 2008.
  • Responsible for the PhD-programme (forskerutdanningen) at SAI, from 2008.
  • Tilsynssensor, Sosialantropologi, Universitetet i Bergen, from 2008.
  • Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2009.
  • Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2008.
  • Projectcoordinator, NFR 2002-2008, “Identity Matters. Movement and Place.”
  • Board member, ESfO (European Society for Oceanists), 2 periods, to date.
  • Board leader, Kon-Tiki Museum, since 2013. (Participant (observer status) at the Board of the Kon–Tiki museum, from 01.01.2002 –31.09.2003. Full board member from 01.08.2008. )
  • Head of Research Department, Kon–Tiki Museum from 01.01.2001 until 31.12. 2007: including:
  • Responsible for the document archives, Kon-Tiki Museum, until 31.12.2007.
  • Preparing three-year strategic plans for the Research Department, Kon-Tiki Museum.
  • Called as 1rst. Curator (subsequently Forsker 1) at the Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History, The Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo. From 01.11.99.
  • Post doctoral fellow, Faculty of Arts (fakultetsstipendiat), at the University of Oslo, (from 01.11.96-)31.10.99.
  • Research Fellow (universitetsstipendiat) from 09.09.91 to 30.09.95. (A four year position including 14 months of fieldwork in Tokelau, Samoa and New Zealand.)
  • Employed by the University of Oslo (Sept. 90 - August 91) as Research Assistant (Vit.Ass.) responsible for the project “Tokelau Texts”. (The work consisted of supervising the transcription, translation, creating an extensive apparatus of notes together with a wordlist and an index, and being the editor of the volume resulting from this project.)


In 1992 the Oceania-group at the Department of Linguistics, University of Oslo, of which I was one of four members, won the prize for “Excellence in Research” (“fremragende forskning”) for our work in Oceania. The price was awarded by the Research Council for the Humanities.

Fieldwork (last 10 years), New Zealand, January 2010, 2009, 2008;Tokelau and Samoa, October-December 2007; New Zealand and Australia, November-December 2006;Tokelau, Samoa and New Zealand, October –January 2005-06;New Zealand and Samoa, July-August 2003; New Zealand, January-February 2002.




Hoëm, Ingjerd.
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Hoëm, Ingjerd.
Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki in New Light. Oslo: The Thor Heyerdahl Institute 2014 (ISBN 978-82-92967-05-8) Kon-Tiki Museum. Occasional Papers(14)



Hoem, Ingjerd.
Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki in new light. Editor's preface. Kon-Tiki Museum. Occasional Papers 2014 ;Volum 14. s. 7-7


Further publications (including 3 monographs and 4 edited volumes).

  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2011). Narratives of Origin. Some Insights from Pacific Ethnography. Occasional papers. No 12.
  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2010). Language endangerment: situations of loss and gain., In Gunter Senft (ed.), Endangered Austronesian and Australian Aboriginal languages. Essays on language documentation, archiving and revitalization. Pacific Linguistics. Chapter 4. Pp. 53 - 69
  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2009). "Getting out from under": Leadership , Conflict resolution and Tokelau Migration., In Helen Lee (ed.), Migration and Transnationalism. Pacific Perspectives. Australian National University e-press. ISBN 9781921536908. Chapter 12. pp 191 - 202
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  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2009) Review of Huntsman and Kalolo, The future of Tokelau. In The Contemporary Pacific.
  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2009). Polynesian Conceptions of Sociality: A dynamic field of hierarchical encompassment?, In Olaf H. Smedal & Knut.M. Rio (ed.), Hierarchy. Persistence and Transformation in Social Formations. Berghahn Books.. pp. 245 - 268
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  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2006) Review of Space in Language and Cognititon: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity, by Stephen C. Levinson, in Anthropological Linguistics, 48, No.1.
  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2006) Australia. Fortellinger fra Drømmetiden. (Introductory Essay, 40p. and selection of Texts). Volume in the series Verdens Hellige Skrifter. Den Norske Bokklubben. (153 pages).
  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2006) “Er det virkelig bra “å få satt ord på det”? Om tolkningsrammer og resepsjon i et sammenlignende perspektiv”, Rethorica Scandinavica. [Peer review Journal] (20 p.)
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  • Hoëm, Ingjerd (2004) Theatre and Political Process: Staging Identities in Tokelau and New Zealand. Berghahn, Oxford, New York. (205 pages).
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  • a “Introduction” and
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