Aktuelle saker fra hele SV - Side 10

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Published Oct. 2, 2019 2:57 PM

INTRANSIT is happy to announce a four-year postdoctoral positon to work on research on sustainability transitions and industrial transformations. The position is co-funded by INTRANSIT and FME NTRANS.

Bjørn Erik Rasch forran inngangen til Eilert Sundths hus
Publisert 5. sep. 2019 13:00

En dekanperiode går mot slutten og det er tid for å fremme kandidater til dekan og prodekanvervene ved SV- fakultetet for en ny fireårsperiode. Både ansatte og studenter kan foreslå kandidater.

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Published Sep. 5, 2019 12:43 PM

The new working paper is co-written by all members of the Little Tools Research team, and titled "The Good Economy: Re-casting the bioeconomy, its normativities and its trouble."