Disputation: Priyanka Chakravarty

M.Phil in Law and Governance Priyanka Chakravarty will be defending her dissertation: Politics of Rights and Public Service Delivery. Examining Right to Public Services Legislations in India.

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Hybrid disputation

The disputation is going to be streamed via Zoom webinar. You can download zoom here. For more information: digital disputation

Click here to join the Public Defence the 2nd of June at 13.15

It will also be possible to attend in person.

Ex auditorio opponents: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat.

Trial Lecture (pre-recording)

Topic: "The implications of digitisation for delivery of social welfare benefits in India”

Public Defence

Place: Eilert Sundts Hus, Auditorium 7 and Zoom

Kl. 13:15 - 16:00

Adjudication Committee

Chair of Defence


More information

Press release

Scientific abstract

You may request a pdf of the thesis by sending an email to Tomine Barstad Solvang

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