Disputation: Gunnar Fermann

Magister artium in Political Science Gunnar Fermann will be defending his dissertation for the degree of dr. philos.: Foreign Politics of Caveats in Coalition Operations: Empirical Research Program 

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Digital Public Defence 

In order to attend this public defence you can download zoom or use your browser. Please also familiarise yourself with information for anyone who wishes to attend a digital defence

Ex auditorio-questions: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat or give signal by clicking on  "Raise hand".

Click here to join the Public Defence the 20th of May at 09.00

Trial Lecture: Topic set by the committee

“What explains countries’ military policies toward the Afghanistan missions and their implementation? Compare and contrast  the differences and similarities in the drivers of military policies and their implementation during the Afghanistan mission. Select at least four countries, including at least two from outside the Nordic region.”

You can watch the Trial Lecture here:

Trial Lecture: Self-selected topic

“The study of international regimes: Evolution of an empirical research program”

You can watch the Trial Lecture here:

Adjudication Committee

Associate Professor Chiara Ruffa, Swedish Defense University

Professor Juliet Kaarbo, University of Edinburgh

Professor Raino Sverre Malnes, University of Oslo 

Chair of Defence

Professor Elisabeth Bakke, University of Oslo 

More information

Press release (Norwegian)

Abstract (English) 

A can get a pdf of the dissertation here. 

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