Disputation: Lene Ekhaugen

Master in Political Science Lene Ekhaugen will be defending her dissertation: Inter-Ministerial Coordination and Frontline Implementation. A Study of Norway in the Complex Operation in Afghanistan

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Trial Lecture


Compare and contrast Norway’s implementation of the ‘comprehensive approach’ to that of other coalition partners in Afghanistan, and account for the differences in the strategies chosen as well as the effectiveness of policies adopted. Compare and contrast Norway’s approach with at least three other countries, including at least one from outside the Nordic region


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Scientific abstract (English)

Press release (Norwegian)


You may request a pdf of the thesis by sending an email to Sjur Emilio Hesthammer by the 15th of April. 

Publisert 12. mars 2021 18:00 - Sist endret 19. aug. 2021 12:31