Disputation: Nicholas Marsh

M.A in International conflict analysis Nicholas Marsh will be defending his dissertation for the degree dr.philos: Because We Have the Maxim Gun: The Relationship Between Arms Acquisition by Non‐State Groups and Violence 

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Digital Public Defence

Time: 12.15-15.00

Place: Zoom

In order to attend this public defence please download zoom. Please also familiarise yourself with information for anyone who wishes to attend a digital defence


Ex auditorio-questions: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat or give signal by clicking on  "Raise hand".


Click here to join the public defence at 12:15 (Opens at 11:45)


Trial Lecture 

Title set by the adjudication committee: The role of the international community for post-conflict reconstruction and durable peace


Title for self chosen trial lecture: Arms and Fragmentation in the Syrian Civil War



Adjudication Committee

Chair of Defence


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