Administrative Strategies of Our Time

Per Kristen Mydske has contributed with a chapter on societal governing efficiency in the Administrative Strategies of Our Time, edited by Noralv Veggeland.

In the book, Administrative Strategies of Our Time, ten Scandinavian scholars discuss administrative challenges, changes and comparative approaches in order to understand adjustments and structural changes of our time. The authors also define and provide examples of problem-solving innovations in varying fields and contexts, which are appropriate to understand different national policies.

In the chapter on  Societal Governing Efficiency: problem Relevance or System Dependency? The Case of Norway, Per Kristen Mydske is using cases as public environmental and transport steering as examples in the evaluation and discussion of governing efficiency in Norway. The discussion treats variations in problem solving efficiency in relation to the different criteria and focuses on the relativeness of the efficiency concept.


Full information about the book, including the list of contributors and chapters:

Administrative Strategies of Our Time

Edited by Noralv Veggeland

Nova Science Publishers, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-53611-904-6




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