Parliaments and Government Formation: Unpacking Investiture Rules

Parliaments and Government Formation: Unpacking Investiture Rules. Edited by Bjørn Erik Rasch, Shane Martin and Jose Antonio Cheibub. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Nov. 2015.)

  • Provides the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the role of national parliaments in government formation

Parliaments and Government Formation explores the role of national legislatures in shaping government formation in parliamentary regimes. Under parliamentarism, the government comes from, and remains responsible to, the national parliament. Yet, although legislatures and the politics of government formation are two of the most studied phenomenon in comparative politics, relatively little attention has focused on the degree to which parliamentary rules and procedures impact government formation. For instance, exactly what does 'come from parliament' mean in the context of government formation?

To answer this question, the volume seeks to 'unpack' the parliamentary investiture vote. Investiture consists of a vote in parliament to demonstrate that an already formed or about to be formed government has legislative support. The volume analyses investiture along six dimensions: (1) the number of chambers involved in government formation, (2) the exact topic of any investiture vote - for example whether the votes focuses on one or more of the prime ministership, the cabinet and/or the government's policy program, (3) the sequencing and timing of the vote in the overall game of government formation, (4) the decision rule - for example absolute majority, simple or some form of negative parliamentarism, (5) the number of rounds provided for, and (6) what happens in the event of a failure to invest a government. Each of the 16 case studies, written by leading scholars of legislative politics in their respective polities, seeks to describe the institutional rules and practices and analyse their origins and consequences. These case studies are supplemented with two comparative chapters.

  • Readership: Scholars and students interested in Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Legislative Studies, Political Behaviour, and Public Law.


Part I: Introduction
1: Bjørn Erik Rasch, Shane Martin, and José Antonio Cheibub: Investiture Rules and Government Formation
Part II: Varieties of Investiture Rules
2: Alexandra Kelso: Parliament and Government Formation in the United Kingdom: A Hidden Vote of Investiture?
3: Audrey André, Sam Depauw, and Kris Deschouwer: Changing Investiture Rules in Belgium
4: Steffen Ganghof and Christian Stecker: Investiture Rules in Germany: Stacking the Deck against Minority Governments
5: Péter Horváth: A Rule for All Seasons? Investiture and Government Formation in Hungary
6: Fabio Sozzi: The Increasing Role of the European Parliament in Appointing the European Commission
Part III: Investiture Rules and Minority Governments
7: Shane Martin: Government Formation in Ireland: Learning to Live Without a Majority Party
8: Federico Russo: Government Formation in Italy: The Challenge of Bicameral Investiture
9: Natalia Ajenjo: Why Minority Governments in Spain? How the Party System Undermines Investiture Rules
10: Radoslaw Zubek: Investiture Rules and Minority Governments in Poland
11: Robert Zbíral: Changing Investiture Rules in the Czech Republic
12: Cristina Chiva: Strong Investiture Rules and Minority Governments in Romania
13: Cristina Leston-Bandeira and Jorge M. Fernandes: Parliamentary Investiture Rules in Portugal's Semi-Presidential Democracy
14: Helena Wockelberg: Weak Investiture Rules and the Emergence of Minority Governments in Sweden
Part IV: Beyond Investiture Rules: Legislative Norms and Government Formation
15: André Krouwel and Jelle Koedam: Parliamentary Parties in the Netherlands: Informal Investiture behind Closed Doors
16: Csaba Nikolenyi: Government Investiture in India: Formal Rules and Informal Practices
17: Iris Nguyên-Duy: France: Excluding Parliament from Government Formation
Part V: Conclusion
18: Ulrich Sieberer: Hire or Fire? The Link between Cabinet Investiture and Removal in Parliamentary Democracies
19: Bjørn Erik Rasch, Shane Martin, and José Antonio Cheibub: Investiture Rules Unpacked



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