The Importance of Constitutions: Parliamentarism, Representation and Voting Rights

The Research Programme on Democracy at the University of Oslo and Uppsala University are organizing a workshop at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, Turkey. The event is multi-disciplinary (social sciences, humanities and constitutional law) and paper-based. Participants should arrive at the conference hotel on the evening of Tuesday October 22. The workshop ends with lunch on Friday October 25.

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The workshop is organized with a series of panels, each with 2-4 papers. A detailed program with panel, paper titles, chairs and discussants will be posted on this website.



Jörgen Hermansson (Uppsala)

Bjørn Erik Rasch (Oslo)

Preliminary workshop program (revised 14 October).


Participants and paper titles:

William Heller (Binghamton). Leaders and Labels: A Principal-Agent Perspective on Party Position Taking.

Eivind Smith (Oslo). The Veil of History: On the Significance of the Constitution of Norway 200 Years later.

Argelina Figueiredo (Rio de Janeiro). Parliamentarization of presidential systems?

Bo Rothstein (Gothenburg). The Three Worlds of Governance.

Ludvig Beckman (Uppsala). Democratic exclusion: Cross-sectional measures of voting rights restrictions in electoral democracies

Iris Nguyen-Duy (Oslo). Reforming the Constitutions: Some thoughts on the British and Norwegian examples.

Hanna Bäck (Lund). Intra-Party Diversity and Ministerial Selection in Coalition Governments (with Marc Debus and Wolfgang Müller).

José Antonio Cheibub (Illinois), Shane Martin (Leicester) and Bjørn Erik Rasch (Oslo). The Investiture Vote and the Formation of Minority Parliamentary Governments.

Helena Wockelberg (Uppsala) and Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg (Uppsala). How and Why Constitutions Determine the Outcome of Public Management Reforms.

Cristina Bucur (Dublin). Ministers as servants to three masters: testing a multiple-Principal model for ministerial durability

José Antonio Cheibub (Illinois). Order in Chaos. Intra-Party Coordination in Open List PR Systems (with Gisela Sin).

Thomas Persson and Jörgen Hermansson (Uppsala). The presidentialisation thesis revisited: Lessons from the Swedish case.

Pär Zetterberg (Uppsala). Guarantees for representation: Designing electoral quotas for women and minorities (with Elin Bjarnegård).

Michael Koss (Munich). The Legitimate Secret. The Institutionalization of Parliamentary Agenda Control in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

Elisabetta Cassina Wolff (Oslo). Young Prime Minister Letta dealing with old-aged attempts at revising the Italian Constitution.

Marina Nistotskaya (Gothenburg) Credible Commitment before Credible Enforcement: Exploring the Consequences of ‘Reverse’ Sequencing, the Case of Ireland (With Michelle D'Arcy)

Jörgen Hermansson (Uppsala). Cabinet Reshuffles and Prime Ministerial Power (with Kåre Vernby).

Ömer Faruk Genckaya (Istanbul). The Constitutional and Political Development in Turkey.


We have made reservations at Grand Hotel Halic for three nights (Tuesday to Friday).

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