Research Assistants wanted for two projects on autocratic politics

We are recruiting 4-5 research assistants (RAs) for two research projects, involving several researchers at the Department of Political Science, UiO. The positions are part-time, tasks are varied, and training/work may begin already in October for some of the recruited RAs.

The two projects, “The Emergence, Life and Demise of Authoritarian Regimes” (ELDAR) and “Policies in Dictatorships” (PoD), are funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and the Norwegian Research Council (NRC), respectively, and led by Prof. Carl Henrik Knutsen. They address questions related to politics in dictatorships, and involve researchers from the Department of Political Science at UiO, but also PRIO, Aarhus University and the University of Texas at Austin.

The research assistants will be assigned different tasks:

  • Manual «coding» of education systems, cabinet ministers’ education, pension systems, or infrastructure projects, all globally, based on web searches and other historical and contemporary sources
  • Literature searches and reviews
  • Data preparation and analysis (e.g., in R or Stata)
  • Administrative tasks (budgeting, reporting, organizing workshops, etc.)

Those hired will be assigned to projects and tasks based on interests and skills. For all relevant applicants, we require a good command of English, high degrees of independence and diligence, interest in political science research, ability to work efficiently, and good communication skills.

One or more of the following skills are also relevant:

  • Experience with coding large datasets based on historical and contemporary sources
  • Knowledge about education policies/systems, cabinets, pension systems, or infrastructure projects (especially major buildings)
  • Language skills beyond Norwegian and English, for instance Arabic, Chinese, German, French or Spanish
  • Experience with systematic web searches

Candidates who are on their first semester of their MA program are especially encouraged to apply, but we welcome applications from all candidates who are currently undertaking or have taken an MA. Candidates should be able to document good grades, especially in courses in research methods.

The work will either be formulated as a part-time contract (e.g., 30% contract) or paid by the hour, depending on the candidate’s preferences. The extent and time frame of the positions will be agreed individually. The job offers varied experience with project work, data collection, the research process more generally, and a very dynamic and friendly research group. The RAs will be able to work on exciting topics that can potentially also serve as a point of departure for MA theses, if desired, in a stimulating work environment (with many potential supervisors).

Applications, in English, of approx. ½ page, with accompanying CV and grade transcripts, should be sent to Jonas Schmid (, no later than Thursday, September 23rd.

About the position

We offer a salary of 186.70 NOK/hour (LT 35) for candidates with a BA degree, 235.10 NOK/hour (LT 51) for candidates with an MA degree.
To be contracted as a research assistant, you will have to be a Norwegian tax resident. The position is therefore primarily open to candidates who are based in Norway.
Doctoral students and candidates with a PhD degree cannot hold a position as research assistant (SKO 1019/1020).
There is a maximum limit of 2 years to the employment as research assistant, regardless of the percentage of work. If you have prior experience from the same position, this is counted as part of the total hiring period



Published Sep. 10, 2021 3:44 PM - Last modified Sep. 10, 2021 3:44 PM