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National Political Science Conference

Postponed due to new corona restrictions. Details to be confirmed.

The Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo (UiO) welcomes you to the National Political Science Conference 2022.

Image: Anders Lien/UiO

This conference is an annual meeting place for political scientists at Norwegian universities, university colleges, and research institutions. Uploading and presentation of a paper is required of participants. An important purpose of the conference is to allow young and senior scholars to present, and receive feedback on, scholarly works intended for publication in journals or as book chapters, in Norwegian or English.


15 June





Arrival and registration


Plenary session: Parliamentary election 2021

Working groups

16 June





Working groups


Working groups

Festive dinner, Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3

17 June



Working groups


Plenary session

This year’s Plenary session is about the parliamentary elections 2021, with presentations by Associate professor Jørgen Bølstad (UiO), Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (University of Bergen) and Associate professor Jonas Stein (UiT Arctic University of Norway). Chair of the plenary discussion is Professor Bjørn Erik Rasch (UiO).

Working groups

The conference is organized in four working groups, divided by section and chaired as indicated below. Prospective participants indicate their preferred group, as well as the title of their paper and a short abstract (up to 250 words) when signing up for the conference. Papers may be written in Norwegian or English, but presentation and discussion will be in English if one or more participant has insufficient command of Norwegian as working language. Every participant will be tasked with the opponent role for at least one paper. Links for sign-up and uploading/downloading of papers are given below.

1. International Politics

Section chairs: Kristin Ven Bruusgaard ( and James Cameron ( (both at UiO). The group invite submissions of both theoretical and empirical work that address broad questions in international relations, focusing on the functions and output of international organizations, processes of internationalization and globalization, issues of security policy and international conflicts, as well as other related topics.

2. Comparative Politics

Section chairs: Felix Haass (, Solveig Hillesund (, Jean Lachapelle (​) and Peter Egge Langsæther ( (all at UiO). The group invites submissions to the field of comparative politics, broadly understood. This includes but is not limited to topics such as political behavior (e.g. public opinion, media, parties, voters and their interactions), institutions and regimes (e.g. governance, democratization, autocratic politics), and contentious politics (e.g. civil wars, protests, social movements).

3. Public Policy and Administration

Section chairs: Kristoffer Kolltveit (, Jostein Askim ( and Jens Jungblut ( (all at UiO). The group invites submissions of both theoretical and empirical work on all aspects of public policy and public administration. This includes (but is not limited to) the functioning of national, regional or local political and administrative institutions as well as attitudes towards, design of, or consequences of public policies.

4. Political Theory

Section Chair: Fredrik D. Hjorthen (Department of political science, University of Oslo) ( The group welcomes paper submissions in the fields of normative political theory/political philosophy, the history of political thought, and the philosophy of the social sciences. We welcome papers from a variety of methodological perspectives.

Registration and deadlines

Deadline for registration, with paper title and abstract: 1 November 2021.

Registration now closed

Deadline for uploading paper: 1 December 2021. You will receive a link to upload in Teams on 1 December at the very latest.

No conference fee – participation, lunches and festive dinner are free.  


Participants order their own accommodation. Rooms have been blocked at Scandic Solli until 8 December 2021. The cost of a single room is NOK 1250/night when using conference code BUNI050122.

Organizing committee

Professor Tora Skodvin (leader), Advisor Ilze Gehe, Advisor Linda Gulli, and Professor Olav Schram Stokke (all at UiO).

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