Participants in Comparative Institutions and Regimes

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Elin Haugsgjerd Allern Professor +47 22858198 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political parties, Interest groups
Solveig Bjørkholt Doctoral Research Fellow
Philipp Christian Broniecki Postdoctoral Fellow
Jørgen Bølstad Associate Professor +47 22858818 +47 97167242 Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political Psychology, Electoral Behavior, Public Opinion, Bayesian Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Causal Inference
Nina Maureen Cadorin Doctoral Research Fellow International Politics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Civil War, Quantitative methods
Sirianne Dahlum Associate Professor +4791181579
Vilde Lunnan Djuve Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48055639 (mob) Autocracy, regime breakdown, democratization, autocratization, comparative politics, causes of breakdown, Quantitative methods
Scott Gates Professor +47 22841654 International Politics, Bureaucratic Politics, Conflict, USA, Global South, Democracy
Tamta Gelashvili Doctoral Research Fellow Nationalism, Extremism, far right, Social Movements, protest, Framing, mobilization, social networks
Haakon Gjerløw
Felix Haass Postdoctoral Fellow Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Sara Bjønness Hagfors Researcher
Knut Martin Heidar Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Norwegian Political History
Anna Nordnes Helgøy Doctoral Research Fellow
Solveig Hillesund Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Civil war, Nonviolent conflict, Inequality, Quantitative methods
Bjørn Høyland Professor +47 22858598 Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Francesca Refsum Jensenius Professor +47 22842060 Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, Elections, India, Latin America, Research Methods
Neil Ketchley
Jana Krause Professor Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Anne-Kathrin Kreft Postdoctoral Fellow Conflict, Violence, Gender, Civil society
Palina Kolvani Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98446553 (mob) authoritarian regimes, Autocracy, Bureaucratic Politics, Comparative Politics, Corruption, Democracy, democratization
Staffan Kumlin Professor +47 22841113
Jean Lachapelle
Philipp Matthias Lutscher Postdoctoral Fellow
Miroslav Nemcok Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Electoral Behavior, Electoral systems, Public Opinion, Central Europe
Jacob Nyrup Postdoctoral Fellow +4551342188 Democracy, Comparative Politics, Conflict
Maryna Povitkina Associate Professor +47 22841114 Comparative Politics, Environment, Democracy, Corruption, Climate Politics
Bjørn Erik Rasch Head of Department +47 22855183 electoral systems, democracy, Parliamentarism
Magnus Bergli Rasmussen Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Welfare State, Working Time, Trade Unions, Redistribution, Electoral Systems, Party Organization, International Organizations, ILO, Redistribution, Inequality
Lise Rødland Doctoral Research Fellow Interest groups, Political Parties, Representation, Comparative Politics, Quantitative methods, Civil society, Trade Unions, NGOs
Håvard Strand Associate Professor +47 22855198 Democracy, development studies, Global South, Elections, Comparative Politics, USA
Jonas Willibald Schmid Doctoral Research Fellow
Helena Seibicke Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858837 European Union, Public Policy and Administration, Political communication, Expertise, Knowledge and Governance, Interest groups
Martin Søyland Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93662683 Comparative Politics, Methodology, Statistics, Parliamentarism
Leonor Toscano Doctoral Research Fellow Conflict, International Politics, Peacebuilding, Security Policy, Gender, Africa
Tore Wig Professor +47 22844998 90 52 27 29 Conflict, institutions, civil war, interstate conflict, political violence, mass protest, democratization, authoritarian regimes, institutional theory
Vibeke Wøien Hansen
Ankita Barthwal Doctoral Research Fellow
Sverke Runde Saxegaard Doctoral Research Fellow 004740172207
Øyvind Stiansen Associate Professor
Carl Henrik Knutsen Professor +47 22854244 Comparative Politics, Democracy, democratization, Dictatorship, Economic growth and development