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Centre for Local Government Research

Minister of local government and modernization, Jan Tore Sanner, and the Norwegian mayors, making their way to Eidsvoll Square during the celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.

Illustration photo: Copyright Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

About us

Centre for Local Government Research is established to communicate from the scientific projects and studies involving researchers at the University of Oslo, Department of Political Science. Our research subjects include democracy, organization, governance, policymaking and implementation. A broad range of theoretical approaches are being used to shed light on these topics.

In addition to scientific publication, we convey our findings and analyses through different kinds of events, organised either by us or our partners.

The centre was established in the spring of 2016, and is embedded in extensive Nordic and European research networks.

Current research topics

  • What defines smart governmental management?
  • What role does political leadership play in Norwegian and Danish municipalities?
  • Is the mayor the only actor displaying leadership in Norwegian municipal councils?
  • What explains municipal amalgamations in Europe?
  • Have the Nordic countries learned from each others’ local government reforms?
  • Do information based tools of government work?
  • What controls policy diffusion in the local government sector?


November 24.-26, 2016

The 25. Nordic Local Government Research Conference NORKOM-conference was organised by the Departement of Political Science at the University of Oslo.


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