PhD Students

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Picture of Alexander Beadle Beadle, Alexander PhD candidate
Picture of Nina Maureen Cadorin Cadorin, Nina Maureen Stipendiat International Politics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Civil War, Quantitative methods
Picture of Sebastian Johansen Conte Conte, Sebastian Johansen Doctoral Research Fellow Political theory, normative methodology, moral intuition
Picture of Bård Drange Drange, Bård PhD candidate 95475353
Picture of Karen-Anna Eggen Eggen, Karen-Anna
Picture of Trym Nohr Fjørtoft Fjørtoft, Trym Nohr Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46 74 79 36 Democracy, Expertise, Legitimacy, European Union
Picture of Karin Fossheim Fossheim, Karin PhD candidate +47 916 65 581 Public Policy and Administration, Democracy, Governance, Representation
Picture of Ingvild Magnæs Gjelsvik Gjelsvik, Ingvild Magnæs PhD candidate
Picture of Kristian Lundby Gjerde Gjerde, Kristian Lundby PhD candidate
Gjesvik, Lars PhD candidate
Picture of Micheline Egge Grung Grung, Micheline Egge
Picture of Anna Nordnes Helgøy Helgøy, Anna Nordnes Stipendiat
Picture of Palina Kolvani Kolvani, Palina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98446553 authoritarian regimes, Autocracy, Bureaucratic Politics, Comparative Politics, Corruption, Democracy, democratization
Picture of Leif Erlend Holmen Kårtvedt Kårtvedt, Leif Erlend Holmen Stipendiat Public Policy and Administration, Local Government, Administrative reform, organization theory
Langørgen, Erlend +47 41280056
Picture of Even Hellan Larsen Larsen, Even Hellan Stipendiat +47 22855157 International relations, Security Policy, Nuclear Weapons
Picture of Jonas Lund-Tønnesen Lund-Tønnesen, Jonas Stipendiat
Picture of Ari Mamshae Mamshae, Ari Stipendiat public administration, public policy, political economy, international security, Middle East, Kurdistan
Picture of Bjørn Eilif  Mobech-Hanssen Mobech-Hanssen, Bjørn Eilif PhD candidate
Picture of My Xerenia Magnusdotter  Rafstedt Rafstedt, My Xerenia Magnusdotter PhD candidate
Reymert, Ingvild Stakkevold PhD candidate
Picture of Lise Rødland Rødland, Lise Stipendiat
Picture of Marie  Sandnes Sandnes, Marie PhD candidate
Picture of Anke Stefanie Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf, Anke Stefanie European integration, Common Foreign and Security Policy, United Nations, European Union, International relations, multilateral negotiations
Picture of Karin Jakobson Vaagland Vaagland, Karin Jakobson PhD candidate international negotiations, EU, European integration, foreign policy, Development, Migration Crisis, refugees