Sverke Runde Saxegaard

Doctoral Research Fellow - Institutt for Statsvitenskap
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Mobile phone 004740172207
Visiting address Gullhaug Torg 1 Nydalen

Research Interests

My doctoral research project is on Multilateral Peace Operations (MPOs). I look at the conceptualization and operationalization of MPO-success, and the mechanisms and processes that lead to various outcomes in peace operations. In this project I am furthermore interested in how the pressence of Peace Keepers change the incentives and perceptions of conflict actors. I am also interested in international relations and political violence in general. If you are a MA-student looking for a supervisor, send me an email!

  • Political Violence and security politics
  • Multilateral Peace Operations
  • Civil War
  • Causes of War
  • Game Theory
  • Process Tracing
  • Mixed Methods
  • Democracy
  • Q-methodology




  • INTER1000 - Introduction to international relations

Teaching Assistant

  • STV4316B European politics: Political Institutions and Parties
  • STV4208B International Negotiations
  • INTER2000 Case Work in International Studies



  • INTER1000 - Introduction to international relations
  • STV2230 - International Security Policy
  • PECOS4021 - Research Methods
  • PECOS4022 - Applied Statistics in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • STV1020 - Research methods and Statistics
  • STV2250 - International Environmental and resource-politics
  • STV2310 - Politics and Development

Teaching Assistant

  • STV1200 International Politics
  • INTER2000 Case Work in International Studies
  • STV4288 - Security Politics in Africa
  • STV4020A - Research Methods and Statistics
  • PECOS4010 - Conflict and State Building


2022 - Visiting Doctoral Student at DPIR, University of Oxford

2021 - Present Doctoral Researcher - UiO

2020 - 2021 Executive Administrative Officer - UiO

2020 Intern at the Norwegian Embassy In Tanzania

2017 - 2020 Research and administrative Assistant - PRIO

2016 - 2019 MA Peace and Conflict Studies - UiO

- Master Thesis: The War That Wasn't: Explaining Relative Peacefulness. In my Master Thesis I looked at the causes for civil war by looking at a negative case. In other words, a case where one should expect to see civil war, but where no civil war occured. I looked at the political history of Zanzibar 1990-2010, and did a short field work (five weeks). 

2014 - 2016 BA International Relations - UiO

Social Media and other research communication

I am on Twitter in a semi-professional capacity (confusing mix of academia, politics and sports), and LinkedIn in a purely professional capacity (really just as an online CV).

Occasionally, I write things: 

Desember 2021 "Covid-19 og geopolitikken, 19 måneder senere" A short text to asess the literature on geopolitical effects of Covid-19.

April 2020 "I skyggen av massedød og økonomisk kollaps". An early look at the potential geopolitical consequences of Covid-19.

October 2017 "Hvordan Unngå et splittet Europa". Op-ed on the Catalonian independence movement.

I have also done a Podcast-episode for the Norwegian Podcast "Konflikt".



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