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Room 836
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Visiting address Social Sciences Building

Academic Interests

International Politics with an emphasis on International Political Economy and with a linkage to Comparative Politics (country studies). Research interests are political processes and institutions in the world economy with an emphasis on change/stability in power relations (market power) and in selected sectors such as trade, international investments and international development issues. Current research (2010-12) is on the political economy of international investments with a particular focus on natural resource industries and their relationship to geopolitics.

Courses taught

  • STV 2200
  • STV 2220
  • STV 4254B
  • STV 4284B
  • UTV 1000 and 3090


Research fellow at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) 1968-79; Senior research adviser in the UNCTAD Secretariat, Geneva 1980, from 1981 Associate professor and from 1992 Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo.  and thereafter again at Department of Political Science. Visiting research assignments at Makerere College, Kampala (1969-70), Universite des Sciences Sociales Grenoble (1974-75), and shorter stays at the London School of Economics (January 1987), Harvard University (spring 1989), and Universite des Sciences Politiques Bordeaux (Fall 1997). Visiting Jean Monnet Professor at the European University Institute 1991-92 and in Spring 2005, and Visiting professor at Sciences Po Bordeaux Fall 2006.

Positions held

  • Director PRIO 1971 and Research director same place 1976.
  • Director of teaching at Department of Political Science 1985-88
  • From 1990 Co-founder and for severall years part-time Research director at the Centre on Development and the Environment, University of Oslo.
  • Director of the Centre on Technology, Innovation and Culture in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo 2002-2006.
  • Member of the board of PRIO 1989-95
  • Member of the board of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) 1998-2004, chairman 2002-03
  • Member and Deputy Chairman of the board Norwegian University Centre in St. Peterburg, 2000-10
  • Chairman of the board of PETROPOL 1996-2000 and of the Committee to supervise Foreign Policy Institutes 1998-2003, both under the Norwegian Research Council.
  • Member of the boards/steering committees of the Nordic International Studies Association (1992-99, International Studies Association (1997-98), and the ECPR's Standing Group on International Relations (1998-2004).
  • Chairman of the board of the Globalization studies programme at the NTNU (University of Trondheim (2005-08)
  • Chairman of the Ad hoc committee to propose language policy for the University of Oslo (2005-06)
  • Member of the steering committee on the 100 year history of Norsk Hydro AS (2002-05)
  • Editor of the Journal of Peace Research (1975-83) and member of the editorial committee of Global Governance (2005-) and the European Journal of Development Research (2007-)


  • Coordinator for the University of Oslo's participation in the Globalisation, Regionalisation and Governance Research Network of Excellence (GARNET) 2005-10 and director of one Jointly Executed Research Project
  • Several research partnerships with American, British, French, German, Dutch and Italian scholars as well as scholars from Africa, Latin America and East Asia.


Tags: International Politics, International Political Economy, International Development, Globalization, Foreign Direct Investments, Market power, International institutions


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