Andrea J. Nightingale asks for gestures towards decolonial research praxises

How can we respect and right the Indigenous peoples with whom we work and rely on? Andrea J. Nightingale and co-authors ask this question in a resent blog post in Undisciplined Environmenst.

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The authors, including Nightingale, call for reflection on how to decolonize themselves and their own research praxises. Despite individual efforts to do non-extractive research, they had not until recently taken a collective position during a Nicaraguan-based project. In order to keep their promises to their Indignious and marginalised collaborators, and to demonstrate what the project could offer in return, they needed to collectively name, unravel and adress these tensions. 

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Emneord: Research Ethics, Nicaragua, Central America, Indigenous peoples
Publisert 10. mars 2022 15:56 - Sist endret 10. mars 2022 15:56