Kristian Stokke: "The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia"

The new book The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia, edited by Kristian Stokke and Eric Hiariej, presents case studies of citizenship in contexts from diverse angles to reveal how citizens are engaging in public life. 

"The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia" in white og orange background

The book, edited by Kristian Stokke and Hiariej, brings citizens and citizenship to the fore, instead of leaving them in the background of democratization studies and process. It gives shape of struggles by people at grassroot level and middle classes against social-economic injustice in Indonesia.

The book is based on a collaborative project between the University of Oslo and Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia. David Jordhus-Lier have also contributed, in the chapter "Domestic Workers and Their Struggle for Citizenship and Collective Identity in Indonesia".

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Emneord: Citizenship, Indonesia, Collaboration
Publisert 15. feb. 2022 12:18 - Sist endret 15. feb. 2022 12:18