Children as Consumers

Ragnhild Brusdal and Ivar Frønes have written the chapter "Children as Consumers" in The SAGE Handbook of Child Research

The book is an authoritative Handbook which takes its lead from a number of key assumptions on the subject of research methods for child-related research. These include, to name but a couple of examples: the importance of recognising the significance of the different contexts in which children find themselves in determining the nature of appropriate research methods, and the importance of having clear ethical guidelines and standards governing the research activities of those involved in research on and with children. Accommodating basic principles such as these, this handbook aims to provide researchers, practitioners and scholars with an interest in undertaking research with children with a comprehensive and definitive manual.

The book is divided into three parts, to allow for ease of navigation of the thematic structure:

•Part I: Setting-Specific Issues in Child Research

•Part II: Population-Specific Issues in Child Research

•Part III: Methods in Research on Children and Childhood

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