Young Migrants: Exclusion and Belonging in Europe

Boken er redigert av Katrine Fangen, Thomas Johansson og Nils Hammarén, og publisert på forlaget Palgrave Macmillan som en del av serien Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship.

While the figure of 'the immigrant' has become a topic of moral and political concern in Europe, little is known about how young adult migrants or descendants experience the complex processes of inclusion and exclusion in different life arenas. This book is the result of a multi-sited ethnographical study of the EU funded project EUMARGINS, which brings to the fore the voices of young adult immigrants and descendants of diverse backgrounds in seven different European countries (Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Estonia, and Sweden). By focusing on different life arenas, such as work, school, neighbourhood, family and peer groups, we reveal how young adults experience being excluded in some settings, while being included in other settings. We highlight how individual factors such as class background, country of origin and gender interact with the different juridical, political, socio-economic of the various host societies, and affect these experiences of inclusion and exclusion.
This book gives a complex and varied picture of how young immigrants construct identities, navigate through different social and cultural landscapes and relate to a number of different national, cultural and local contexts

Publisert 25. nov. 2011 16:13 - Sist endret 15. juni 2015 13:27