On Being Moved: From mirror neurons to empathy

Stein Bråten (red), (Medforfattere: Se sammendrag) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company 2007 ISBN/ISSN: 978 90 272 5204 3  

In this collective volume the origins, neurosocial support, and therapeutic implications of (pre)verbal intersubjectivity are examined with a focus on implications of the discovery of mirror neurons. Entailing a paradigmatic revolution in the intersection of developmental, social and neural sciences, two radical turnabouts are entailed. First, no longer can be upheld as valid Cartesian and Leibnizian assumptions about monadic subjects with disembodied minds without windows to each other except as mediated by culture. Supported by a mirror system, specifi ed in this volume by some of the discoverers, modes of participant perception have now been identifi ed which entail embodied simulation and co-movements with others in felt immediacy. Second, no longer can be retained the Piagetian attribution of infant egocentricity. Pioneers who have broken new research grounds in the study of newborns, protoconversation, and early speech perception document in the present volume infant capacity for interpersonal communion, empathic identifi cation, and learning by altercentric participation. Pertinent new fi ndings and results are presented on these topics: (i) Origins and multiple layers of intersubjectivity and empathy, (ii) Neurosocial support of (pre)verbal intersubjectivity, participant perception, and simulation of mind, (iii) From preverbal sharing and early speech perception to meaning acquisition and verbal intersubjectivity, (iv) New windows on other-centred movements and moments of meeting in therapy and intervention. (Series B)


Colwyn Trevarthen
Daniel N. Stern
Frans B.M. de Waal
Pier Francesco Ferrari and Vittorio Gallese
Riitta Hari
Luciano Fadiga and Laila Craighero
Stein Bråten
Faraneh Vargha-Khadem and Frédérique Liégeois
Andrew N. Meltzoff and Rechele Brooks
Barbara T. Conboy and Patricia K. Kuhl
Ivar Frønes
Stathis Papastathopoulos and Giannis Kugiumutzakis
Karsten Hundeide
Andrea Cabassi
Birgit Kirkebaek
Ben Schögler and Colwyn Trevarthen


Av Stein Bråten (red)
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