Maren Toft: "Quantifying class trajectories: linking topological and temporal accounts"

In this article, Maren Toft discusses the potential for quantitatively accounting of the social world as relationally constituted in both a topological and a temporal sense. Published in Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique.

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As statistical procedures rest on underlying assumptions of the social world, Maren Toft emphasises how multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) thinks relationally, as Bourdieu famously proclaimed, but to a lesser extent addresses the temporal pattering of social life. She points to the beneficial property of sequence analysis (SA) in thinking ‘processually’, and she argues that the combination of the two tools stimulates favourable opportunities for relational thinking in complementary ways. While adding SA to MCA inserts processual thinking into a relational space, the MCA helps embedding sequential patterns within a social structure. She critically assesses this strategy by drawing on the diachronic underpinnings to Pierre Bourdieu’s oeuvre and empirically examine how his third dimension of social space – trajectory – might be ‘quantified’.

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Emneord: class, Mobility, data analysis
Publisert 2. juni 2022 13:32 - Sist endret 2. juni 2022 13:32