The pleasures of drunken one-night stands: Assemblage theory and narrative environments

I denne artikkelen utfordrer Willy Pedersen den gjengse oppfatning av at fyllesex er det samme som dårlig sex. Han hevder at såkalte "one night stands" kan være et spennende normbrudd med mye nytelse.


Professor Willy Pedersen. Foto:UIO

Abstrakt (på engelsk)


In this study, we use assemblage theory to investigate the link between alcohol use and one-night stands.


The data come from qualitative interviews conducted with 104 young participants in the night-time economy.


We show that: (i) alcohol-fuelled sexual explorations (e.g. erotic fantasizing, flirting and sex) are of paramount importance for young partygoers; (ii) sexualized territories (e.g. private parties, rural feasts and the backseat of cars) significantly shape the experience and performance of one-night stands; and (iii) contrary to previous research, one-night stands are to a large degree associated with pleasure—the immediate pleasure of having sex and the long-term pleasure of telling about it to others.


We argue that drunken one-night stands are part and parcel of a drinking culture that places high value on sexual encounters and personal sex stories.

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Publisert 6. sep. 2017 13:26 - Sist endret 6. sep. 2017 13:26