Memory Work: Exploring Family Life and Expanding in the Scope of Family Research

Karin Widerberg har skrevet en artikkel i tidsskriftet Journal of Comparative Family Studies, nr. 3 2011.


Memories of the presence of a father's absence is of course but one place to start an investigation of changes of the role of the father or of fatherhood. But it is a place not generated primarily through doxa of discourses but through working with memories systematically so as to make things visible that otherwise most often are taken for granted. Karin Widerberg is not arguing that memory work can or should replace other approaches also making use of memories, for example narratives in the form of live-histories and (auto-) biographies. But she does argue that such an approach as memory-work should be used and explored in its own right as well as a supplement that might inform and guide the design of a life history interview. Through memory work on everyday situations, other issues and themes are made visible than those we tell when asked about the story of our life. Exploring these themes has the potential to offer other pictures of individual and collective identities, other, that is, than those dominating in our cultures. An offer we cannot afford to refuse!

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