In the Homes of Others

Exploring New Sites and Methods When Investigating the Doings of Gender, Class and Ethnicity. The article is written by Karin Widerberg.


What role does the experience of being in and observing other people’s homes play in the forming of gender, class and ethnic identities and family aspirations? And how can it be explored? Using written memory stories as illustrations, it is argued in this article that by taking the perspective of the child, the door is opened to other important sites for learning acts of gender, class and ethnicity. It is further argued that use of alternative methods and approaches can facilitate an exploration that not only expands the domains of family research but also transforms the resulting knowledge. The form of the ar ticle — presenting the stories first and their methodological genesis afterwards — is intended to support this argument.

The article can be downloaded in PDF from Sage Journals Online.

Publisert 9. feb. 2011 12:32 - Sist endret 7. sep. 2018 13:34