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Publisert 9. mai 2017 16:58

Torbjørn Skardhamar, Silje Bringsrud Fekjær and Willy Pedersen investigate whether the results from The Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems (STAD) were replicated in the SALUTT intervention in Oslo, Norway, carefully modelled on the STAD project.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 16:44

Influenced by Bourdieu’s field theory, Victor Lund Shammas and Sveinung Sandberg have developed the concept of the “street field” as a tool for scholars of crime and deviance.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 16:33

Victor Lund Shammas adresses rapid changes in the Norwegian penal policies.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 16:22

Line Schou, Inger Synnøve Moan and Elisabeth Storvoll maps employees’ attitudes toward alcohol-related sickness absence and presenteeism and examine how these attitudes vary across subgroups of the population.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 16:09

Birgitte Sande Riise, Lars Dommermuth and Torkild Hovde Lyngstad assess the extent of intergenerational transmission using discrete-time event history analysis, and estimate associations between the age at first birth of parents and their children.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 15:59

Willy Pedersen, Eivind Grip Fjær, Paul Gray and Tilmann von Soest  investigate how students in the UK and Norway perceive possible harms related to tobacco and alcohol—which are legal—and cannabis—which is illegal.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 15:41

Willy Pedersen og Tilmann von Soest have found that socialization to smoking reflects a multifaceted process fuelled by low parental socioeconomic status.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 15:30

Karen O'Brien draws attention to the emerging field of quantum social theory and consider its implications for climate change responses. 

Publisert 9. mai 2017 14:45

Aud R. Misund, Stein Bråten, Per Nerdrum, Are Hugo Pripp and Trond H. Diseth have detected a correspondence between early pregnancy complications and lower quality of preterm mother–infant interaction, and an association between high levels of maternal mental health problems and better quality in preterm mother–infant interaction.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 14:21

Jørn Eigil Ljunggren adresses that the cultural field does not seem to be an ‘economic world reversed’, because individuals with economic class origins receive considerably higher incomes than others.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 14:13

Sveinung Legard adresses that the experiences of participatory budgeting at the city and state level in Brazil suggest that it is wrong to overemphasize the uniqueness of the city and also to undervalue the special role the city might play in larger participatory processes.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 13:59

Marit Haldar, Eivind Engebretsen and Dag Album explore how doctors manage differences in disease prestige, and how prestige in desease is articulated and made logical

Publisert 9. mai 2017 12:58

Anniken Hagelund and Anne Skevik Grødem have explored how the issue of pension is framed in newspaper articles

Publisert 9. mai 2017 12:47

Anniken Hagelund explores the consequences of more active and individualised welfare policies for conceptualisations of professionalism and competence in the welfare services.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 12:35

Jan Grue reflects upon the categorisation, stigma and identity connected to disability policy.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 12:18

Marielle Stigum Gleiss and Weiqiang Lin explore histographical questions on power, agency, and relations between the West and the Non-West in research on aviation and aeromobilities.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 11:54

Is there a causal relationship between children's experience with larger sibships and their own fertility in adulthood? Sarah Cools and Rannveig Kaldager Hart examine this relationship further and finds that sizes of sibships in childhood affects men and women's fertility differently.

Publisert 9. mai 2017 11:46

Marielle Stugum Gleiss takes on the political effects of the new discourse on Chinese migrant workers that emerged in the 2000s, and how this discourse is contested by an alternative discourse.

Published May 9, 2017 10:44 AM

Jemima Garcia-Godos has written a review essay on the books "Victims of International Crimes: An Interdisciplinary Discourse" by Thorsten Bonacker and Christoph Safferling, "Justice for Victims: Perspectives on Rights, Transition and Reconciliation" by  eds. Inge Vanfraechem, Antony Pemberton and Felix Mukwiza Ndahinda and "Reparation for Victims of Crimes against Humanity: The Healing Role of Reparation" by ed. Jo-Anne M.Wemmers.


Publisert 8. mai 2017 16:48

Ivar Frønes has investigated the relationship between educational failure in compulsory schooling and the risk of social exclusion

Publisert 8. mai 2017 16:40

Christine Friestad and Torbjørn Skardhamar investigate similarities and differences regarding socio-economic background, criminal history and recidivism involving new crimes between rape offenders and three other groups: other sexual offenders, non-sexual violent offenders and other offenders.

Publisert 8. mai 2017 15:57

Eivind Grip Fjær and Sébastien Tutenges scrutinize the research on extended youth parties to identify general changes that young people undergo at these events.


Publisert 8. mai 2017 15:24

Miriam Evensen, Torkild Hovde Lyngstad, Ole Melkevik, Anne Reneflot and Arnstein Mylketun have found that mental health problems in adolescence reduce average earnings in adulthood.

Publisert 8. mai 2017 14:40

What is the relationship between family policy and the threshold to enter parenthood? Anne Lise Ellingsæter and Eirin Pedersen bring new insight into the relationship between family policy and fertility.

Publisert 8. mai 2017 14:32

In this article Ann-Zofie Duvander and Anne Lise Ellingsæter ask how we can understand growing family policy hybridisation in the Nordic welfare state