Future Oslo - building a city that respects itself

Oslo is expanding: about 150 000 new inhabitants are expected to live within its boundaries before 2030, and at least as many in its surroundings. Researchers, planners and politicians are invited to present knowledge and ideas on the challenges raised by urban Growth.

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9.00     From The Oslo Research Programme                        


9.05     Chair: Associate Professor Erling Dokk Holm

            Introduction: Unruly urbanisms

9.15     Professor Sako Musterd                             

            Segregation in European cities

10.00   Professor Roger Andersson                              

            Politics against segregation

10.45   Coffee

11.15   Professor Glen Bramley                                     

            Challenges in the planning of livable sustainable communities

12.00   Ellen de Vibe, Director at the Agency for Planning and
            Bulding Services           


12.30   Architect Peter Butenschøn                              

            ‘Fjordbyen’ as concept and consequence

13.00   Chair and auditorium                        


13.15   Lunch

14.00   Senior researcher Rolf Barlindhaug                                      

            Housing in Oslo - a supply crisis? 

14.30   Professor Per Gunnar Røe                                 

            Urbanization and suburbia – The politics and planning of
            Greater Oslo

15.00   Commissioner for urban development Hanna Marcussen

            The Oslo Case

15.30   Chair and auditorium                        

            So what?

16.00   Tentative end

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