Mike Savage: Theorising Economic Capital with Bourdieu and Piketty: Accumulation and Capitals

Welcome to another public lecture hosted by the Classes and Elites Research Seminar.

Mike Savage (London School of Economics). foto: University of York

I this public lecture Savage will reflect on how a greater attentiveness to concepts of accumulation can help elaborate a more sophisticated sociological class analysis which is better able to grasp the dynamics of 'top end' class formation amongst the elite than more conventional occupational perspectives. Drawing on research using the Great British Class Survey, Savage will show how elites cannot usefully be seen as a throwback to an old aristocratic formation but are the product of new modes of corporate and financial accumulation, and he will elaborate the social and cultural characteristics which they exemplify.





Publisert 11. feb. 2015 13:28 - Sist endret 24. aug. 2018 10:00