In search of the reflexive worker: Class, individualization and late modernity

Er vi i dagens refleksive eller flytende modernitet friere og mer refleksive enn våre foreldre og besteforeldre? Betyr klasse noe for valgene vi tar om utdanning, jobb, karriere og politikk?  Dr. Will Atkinson (University of Bristol) innleder.

Foto: University of Bristol

In this lecture, Dr Will Atkinson will summarise his research challenging theories of late modernity - advanced by Beck, Bauman, Giddens and Margaret Archer - that say that social class has diminished in importance as a constraint on thought and action. Concentrating on experiences and decisions in education and employment, he will argue that while the precise nature of what people must consider these days has changed from the past this is no evidence of a new-found 'reflexivity', or boundlessly reflective and self-oriented deliberation, but merely demonstrates the ways in which in which class differences and inequalities have transformed without weakening.

The lecture is based on Atkinson´s extensive research into this topic, reported in a number of journal articles as well as his book "Class, Individualization and Late Modernity: In Search of the Reflexive Worker", Palgrave Macmillian 2010.

Publisert 6. mai 2014 14:26 - Sist endret 13. mai 2014 08:18