Disputation: Katarina Mozetic

Master of Sociology Katarina Mozetic will be defending her dissertation for the degree of Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor) at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography.

What works for them: Highly educated refugees’ perceptions of labour market participation in Oslo, Malmö and Munich

Bildet kan inneholde: panne, kinn, smil, øyenbryn, kjeve.

Hybrid disputation

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Trial lecture: Hostile environment discourse in the EU: What evidence is there for serious impact on refugee settlement and integration?


Adjudication Committee:

  • Professor Maja Korac, Research Affiliate of the Institute for Sociological Research, University of Belgrade
  • Professor Gregg Bucken-Knapp, University of Gothenburg
  • Professor emeritus Lise Kjølsrød, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo

Chair of Defence:

  • Professor John Parker, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo


  • Professor Anniken Hagelund, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo
  • Professor Magdalena Nowicka, German Centre for Integration and Migration Research

In her doctoral dissertation, Katarina Mozetič writes about highly educated refugees’ perceptions of their labour market participation in Oslo, Malmö and Munich. By focusing on the highly educated, Mozetič seeks to shed light on the variety of refugees’ experiences and perceptions. She challenges the oversimplified and one-dimensional understanding of refugees as a burden to the country of destination, and highlights their ambitions and capabilities.

At the same time, Mozetič emphasises that the countries of destination have to acknowledge the variety among refugees and their needs. This is essential if countries of destination are to facilitate refugee labour market participation.

As such, the doctoral dissertation offers a shift in perspective. It reveals something that should not require unveiling at all: the individuality of refugees as people with agency, histories and dreams; their humanity.    


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