Nicolai T. Borgen (UiO): Horizontal stratification of higher education: The relative importance of field of study, institution, and department

Nicolai T. Borgen presenterer et arbeid med tittelen "Horizontal stratification of higher education:  The relative importance of field of study, institution, and department." Sammen med Arne Mastekaasa undersøker han den relative betydningen av utdanningstype og utdanningsinstitusjonen eksamenen er avlagt ved for arbeidsmarkedsutfall.

Nicolai T. Borgen

Tentative abstract

Studies typically find large labor market differences among individuals with a higher education. Indeed, students that enroll in certain low-paid field of studies or low-paid institutions may even be better-off monetarily by not enrolling in higher education at all. However, the importance of horizontal divisions is mostly treated in separate literatures. In this paper, we use an outcome-based approach to investigate the relative importance of institution, department, and field of study. More specifically, we use a random effects approach to investigate the variation in wages among different institutions, departments, and fields of study.



Publisert 5. aug. 2015 10:38 - Sist endret 5. aug. 2015 10:38