Geir Høgsnes vinner pris fra American Sociological Association for artikkel i American Journal of Sociology 2014

Avdøde professor ved ISS Geir Høgsnes (d. 3. juni 2009) var medforfatter av artikkelen "From Motherhood Penalties to Husband Premia: The New Challenge for Gender Equality and Family Policy, Lessons from Norway 1", som ble publisert i American Journal of Sociology 119(5): 1434-1472, March 2014. Artikkelen vant en pris fra American Sociological Association, the Family Section,  the Article of the Year Award, tildelt på årsmøtet i American Sociological Association i august 2015.

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Given the key role that processes occurring in the family play in creating gender inequality, the family is a central focus of policies aimed at creating greater gender equality. We examine how family status affects the gender wage gap using longitudinal matched employer-employee data from Norway, 1979–96, a period with extensive expansion of family policies. The motherhood penalty dropped dramatically from 1979 to 1996. Among men the premia for marriage and fatherhood remained constant. In 1979, the gender wage gap was primarily due to the motherhood penalty, but by 1996 husband premia were more important than motherhood penalties.

Publisert 24. sep. 2015 11:29 - Sist endret 28. sep. 2015 09:49