EUMARGINS International Conference

The final conference of the EUMARGINS project on the ‘Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Immigrants’ will be held on 14 September at the University of Oslo, Norway (Rådssalen, Lucy Smith Hus). The purpose of the conference is to present the findings from our three-year, multi-country study, and the second EUMARGINS book, “Young Migrants: Exclusion and Belonging in Europe,” shortly to be published by Palgrave Macmillan, will provide the structure for this conference.

While the figure of ‘the immigrant’ has become an increasingly important topic of moral and political concern throughout Europe, little is known about how young adult immigrants and descendants of immigrants actually experience the complex processes of inclusion and exclusion in different life arenas. The second EUMARGINS book brings to the fore the voices of young adult immigrants and descendants of immigrants from diverse backgrounds in seven different European countries (Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Norway and Sweden). It is based on analyses of 250 life story interviews with young adult immigrants and descendants living in these seven European countries. Each chapter of the book highlights a key theme such as migration, education, work, political and civic participation, and identity and belonging, and these themes form the individual sessions of the conference.

By focusing on these life arenas, we reveal how young adults experience exclusion in some settings and inclusion in other settings, and how this can vary over time. We highlight how individual factors such as class background, country of origin, and gender interact within different juridicial, political, socio-economic settings in the various host societies, and how they affect these experiences of inclusion and exclusion. By organizing each session thematically, rather than by national context, the conference will attempt to draw comparisons between nations and offer a set of policy recommendations that can be applied to the European nations in our study individually and as a whole. This research reveals a complex picture of how young adults of immigrant background construct identities, navigate through different social and cultural landscapes and relate to a number of different national, cultural and local contexts.


This event requires no registration fee, and all interested parties are welcome. Please email the registration form to: if you would like to attend.

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