Regional innovation

Regional innovation focuses on the connections between participants in regional innovation systems in a territorial context, such as a county or a regional labour market.

Participants are divided into two types in a regional innovation system;

  • Knowledge generating participants.
  • Knowledge utilising participants

Companies are categorised as knowledge utilising, while university colleges, institutes, consultancy organisations and similar are counted as knowledge generating.

Hordaland Oppfinnerpris 2010The inventors' prize has been awarded in order to stimulate greater creativity, innovation and added value in the county. Illustration: Hordaland County Council.

A central question in regional innovation is how expertise is transferred and development takes place where actors interface.

The role of research is studied first and foremost within the framework of national and sectorial innovation systems. One type of national innovation system is the more grassroots type where diverse types of advisors and consultants work together with small companies in order to find practical solutions. Research into regional innovation will often affect possible industry groups in the region

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