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Migration and Integration

Migration is a term that includes both immigration and emigration. By integration of immigrants we mean processes that include both immigrants and children born to immigrants.

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There are many sub-themes of migration research. In the research we distinguish between different types of immigrants of which the three largest groups are migrant workers, asylum seekers and family immigrants. Governments develop policies that distinguish between different migrant categories in regard to legal rights. The study of citizenship is a topic that discusses the rights, duties and belonging for different categories of residents.

The fact that people move across national boundaries has consequences for social and political development in Norway and other countries in the world. Research on migration covers everything from the reasons that people choose to migrate to how local communities, national governments and international agencies handle migration. In what ways does the interaction between people in a community change and how is social discourse altered as a result of the immigration and integration of ethnic and religious minorities?

Integration has always been a central theme in sociology. By the integration of immigrants we mean processes that include both immigrants and the children of immigrants. We focus on how both immigrants and non-immigrants are a part of - and how they experience - these processes. One can study how integration takes place in a variety of settings, such as schools, neighborhoods, the labour market and NGOs. One can also choose to study how specific national and religious traditions and symbols come into play in the inclusion or exclusion of those who are new to a country. A central theme in integration research is the study of how successful the children of immigrants are in integrating into larger society. Do they, for example, do as well at school or in the labour market as children of native parents? And if not, what can explain this? Another central theme in integration research is the study of discrimination and racism. Here, focus is on exclusionary processes in society that weaken integration and which have in common that people are excluded on the basis of different skin color, ethnicity, religion and/or culture.


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